STOP the Adelanto Expansion!

GEO, one of the largest Private Prison Corporations in the world, is trying to expand the Adelanto Immigrant Detention Center. Adding 640 more beds, and including a new women’s section, and housing for the especially vulnerable LGBTQ population, will make this facility the largest immigrant detention facility in the country with 1,940 beds.

Adelanto already has a horrible track record for human rights abuses, and was featured in Detention Watch Network’s Expose and Close Report.

Even members of Congress are against the expansion, Citing neglect, lawmakers urge halt to migrant detention center expansion!

We need to  END the Immigration Quota, which subjects 34,000 immigrants to arbitrary detention each day, allowing private prison groups to grow the industry.

A new Campaign, Defund Detention, has been launched to STOP the Expansion of Adelanto! Visit the website at:

The Adelanto Detention Center 1 pager

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