Becoming A Friend

The Friends of Adelanto Detainees program is looking for new friends to be visitors. Your participation can help touch the life of someone who is in complete isolation otherwise. As a Friend we ask that you:

  • COMPLETE TRAINING; being a visitor can be difficult. We ask that you attend the visitor training to get information about what it means to be a visitor, along with expectations, listener training, and the opportunity to meet with other visitors. Please contact Luis Nolasco for training information:
  • BE CONSISTENT; our detainees are in extremely isolated conditions, they are grateful for the time you dedicate, and look forward to seeing Friends on a consistent basis.
  • BE A GOOD LISTENER; it’s important to practice listening skills, as a Friend our main purpose is to be there for and listen to the stories of those detained at Adelanto.
  • VISIT; which is enough. You don’t have to promise anything more.
  • REPORT; report each visit and any issues or concerns to the Program Coordinator, or fill out the FOLLOW UP form.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend and  joining the visitation team please email:

THANK YOU for considering visiting!

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