Why Visit?!

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

A Visitor shares her story visiting:

“I initially pen paled with detainees but the obvious message in all of the letter was loneliness, isolation and fear of the future.  It was clear that letters, while a vital means of communication, could not replace human contact.  

Due to the rural location I had at least a good three hour drive to Adelanto, but I decided I would visit – once.  Another member of the detainee friends project joined me and we made the drive to visit our pen pals.
Afterwards, I knew it would not be the last visit.
The gratitude of that first person visited was overwhelming.  The story told by him concerning his family, job friends, community – all now lost due to an ICE sweep caught me in my guts.  A very good man now isolated from all he has known by my country and he repeatedly thanked me for visiting: for providing a ear to hear his story and to join him, for one hour, in his heart.  I was not in any way prepared for his and my waves of emotion – and my friend had a similar reaction with her pen pal.  Thanks God she was with me cause our trip home was all about “Oh my God what have we done to these people”.  
Bearing witness was really, really hard – hearing their stories and feeling powerless.  But in fact our visits made all the difference to the men – someone cared – was now the message in his letters.  
Visiting  men and women in the centers keeps their spirits alive as they know that somebody cares – and that is so worth the three hour drive.”
                   ~ Each Visit makes a Difference! Thank you to all our visitors who take the time to make a difference in someone’s life!

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