Petition to STOP the Expansion of Adelanto

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Please Sign & Share Our Petition to STOP the Expansion of Adelanto.  We don’t need any more beds added to our already 1,300 bed immigration detention center!


Mr. Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, Deputy Assistant Director Custody Programs and Community Outreach with ICE
Mr. Robert Naranjo, Assistant Field Office Director, Los Angeles Field Office with ICE
Mr. Wesley Lee, Assistant Field Office Director, Adelanto Facility with ICE
In light of everything that has happened at Adelanto: ICE’s attempt to shut the community-led visitation program out of the center, its ability to “Blacklist” community members, and additional issues at the Adelanto facility, including the death of Mr. Dominguez (3-4-12) and the continual rotation of ICE leadership (just to name a few), there is great cause to be concerned about the continued expansion of the facility.

Funding should be prioritized around the humane treatment of detainees and immigration reform in general, and not prolonging the isolation of more people at the Adelanto facility.




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